Tomb Raider: Chronicles Crossword Puzzle

From the catacombs beneath Rome to a haunted isle in Ireland, Lara’s adventures in Tomb Raider: Chronicles tested her knowledge of various myths and cultures. 

Test your own knowledge with this Tomb Raider: Chronicles-themed crossword puzzle! The answers are below, but if Lara can escape a sunken ship with a punctured diving suit, surely you can solve a little crossword puzzle, no?

Tomb Raider Chronicles crossword puzzle


6. What does the vending machine say on the 13th Floor level? ______ Cola.

8. The PC version of Chronicles came with a beloved surprise that fans still use to this day.

9. If you collect all the golden roses in the game, you unlock special features like ______.

10. How many golden roses are in Deepsea Dive?


1. The playable levels took place in 1995, 1998, ____, and 1997 respectively.

2. A naval officer working for Admiral Yarofev.

3. Young Lara returned in Chronicles but lacked ______ in her level.

4. A new obstacle found in Chronicles.

5. The first Tomb Raider game where this familiar character speaks.

7. VCI’s (Von Croy Industries) aesthetic was inspired by this movie series.


Here are the puzzle solutions!

Tomb Raider Chronicles crossword puzzle with solutions

  1. 1984
  2. Leonid
  3. Weapons
  4. Tightrope
  5. Winston
  6. Fizwiz
  7. Matrix
  8. Editor
  9. Storyboards
  10. One