Box Art Reimagining: Anastasia

This place is looking crowded, ma chère… crowded with amazing Angel of Darkness community art!

Anastasia is the last of the four incredibly talented community artists we picked to reimagine Angel of Darkness’ box art. If you’ve played the game, you’ll immediately recognize that Lara is standing on the edge of the pit descending into the Tomb of Ancients (unaware that a skeletal soldier awaits her at the bottom).

The full illustration of Anastasia Ershova's box art reimagining for Tomb Raider: the Angel of Darkness

Below, Anastasia shares more about her history with Tomb Raider and the process of creating this piece:

My name is Anastasia Ershova, I’m a mainly digital artist based in Moscow, Russia. I’ve been regularly drawing for about 9 years now, enjoying freelance work and drawing fanart of my favorite video games. My first Tomb Raider game was Tomb Raider 2, I can remember being completely captivated by its atmosphere, and completed every major title of the franchise ever since! I’ve only recently discovered the TR fandom, and have been amazed at how welcoming and enthusiastic everybody is.

She also shared how she draws her inspiration for her art from the environments and locations behind what she’s painting!

For my reimagined Angel of Darkness artwork I chose to paint one of the most memorable and hauntingly beautiful locations in the game: The Entrance to The Tomb of Ancients. It serves as a gateway from the real world into the world of myth and mystery, I believe that is at the core of any Tomb Raider game. I’ve picked a bold green and cyan color palette to emphasize it’s foreboding, ethereal atmosphere, but also added warmer colors for contrast. I was inspired by how skillfully bold colors and lighting are being utilized in all classic games.

I always like to create a story in my art, portray the feeling of something about to happen. Lara is facing off with an enemy she doesn’t know yet, but she is prepared to face the danger while an evil entity is watching her every move. I’ve painted her wearing the practical but stylish camo outfit with a vest and matching pants. She is wielding one of the most important artifacts in the game – the Periapt Shard, and of course – her trusty pistol.

I hope I’ve managed to give this picture a subtle sense of motion, and evoke feelings of mystery and wonder.

If you’re feeling inspired to change your PC or phone wallpaper, don’t forget to download different versions of Anastasia’s piece, here! You could even give your PlayStation 2 case a new look.

A photo featuring Anastasia Ershova's box art reimagining for Tomb Raider: the Angel of Darkness printed and inserted in a PlayStation 2 case

Anastasia shared nearly a dozen Angel of Darkness illustrations on Twitter this month to celebrate the game, including some of its villains like Boaz and side characters like Janice and Kurtis Trent. Go check them out!

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We’ve still got plenty of Angel of Darkness content to celebrate this week including our monthly community playthrough stream on Friday, but up next after that… Tomb Raider: Legend!