Box Art Reimagining #1: Caleb Groves

Happy Angel of Darkness month! We know many of you have been excitedly waiting for this celebration of a fan-favorite game. 

As always, we’re kicking off the celebration with a reveal of box art reimagined by talented artists from around the world. This time, though, we’re doing things a little differently!

Instead of rushing the original artist we hand-picked to create art for Angel of Darkness month, we decided to give them all the time they need to finish a piece worthy of hanging in The Louvre. 

To ensure we have art to celebrate this month, however, we reached out to four incredibly talented artists from the community and asked for their vision of a redesigned Angel of Darkness cover. We’ll be debuting a reimagined AOD cover every Monday in July. 

First up is Caleb Groves, whose papercraft becomes our first non-digital contribution to this #TR25 cover art celebration. Read more direct from Caleb below.

“Hi! I’m Caleb, a graphic designer and illustrator located in the midwest. Tacos, chocolate, and memes fuel my creativity. My illustrations feature pop culture icons that I grew up with and my love for video games.

“It was a dream come true when I was asked to reimagine the box artwork for Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. Core Design left behind a legacy with their final installment in the franchise and now I feel like being part of that legacy. There is so much love for the game from the fans, and I filled the design with my own love and appreciation as the game is one of my absolute favorites. I drew inspiration from the overall dark and sinister tone from the game as well as the Gothic architecture and the Obscura paintings that were featured. Lara can be considered a “savior” in the game for protecting the world from otherworldly abominations, so I compared her to the Holy figures featured in many Gothic paintings. Halos were used to give the figures their heavenly status, so incorporating the moon gives our heroine her divinity. Cut paper works perfectly as I love to use simple shapes that are reminiscent of the Playstation and Playstation 2 gaming eras as well as 90’s animation. This piece was a labor of love that I wanted to give the fans of The Angel of Darkness.

Check out Caleb’s finished AOD tribute below, and download the full suite of desktop & mobile backgrounds here

An image of Lara croft standing under a gothic arch. Behind the arch is a vibrant red background featuring Paris' skyline. A brilliant white moon floats under the very top of the arch, just behind Lara's head, which gives her a divine-looking halo. Around the arch is blue flame reminiscent of the original Angel of Darkness box art. Lara is wearing a black crop top and green shorts, and stands on top of a logo that reads "Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. The entire piece of art is made of cut pieces of paper.

Don’t forget to tag us on social if you print Caleb’s art and put it in your AOD case for a fresh look – we’d love to see it!