TR25 Fan Spotlight: Universo Croft

We know fans have been busy trying to top Victory Royale’s in Fortnite with their hot new Lara Croft skins, but sometimes you need to take a break from the action right? We’re back with another #TR25 fan spotlight, this time on of the groups part of our Official Fansite Program, Universo Croft!

Universo Croft consists of some very passionate Tomb Raider fans from Brazil, and they’ve been busy celebrating the anniversary in some really cool and unique ways! Here’s a sneak:

One of their members, Kalléo Feltrin, designed and rendered this amazing Croft Manor, complete with Universo Croft flair.

We’re loving the different framed images!

The screenshots taken of this fan-made Croft Manor were taken by Universo Croft member Pedro-Croft. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d go on a tour.

On top of these incredible art pieces, they have some inspired music pieces as well. This medleys inspired by the Tomb Raider 2 theme was created by David Lenz. He has a Tomb Raider 1 fan reimagined theme too!

Woo, that was a lot of creativity at once. Shoutout to Daniel, the general manager of Universo Croft for letting us know about all the cool things they’re doing!

As always, please continue to share your or others #TR25 fan celebrations with us – bonus points for tweeting us GIFs of Lara Croft dancing in Fortnite.