Tomb Raider: Legend Crossword Puzzle

The first entry to the series to be developed by Crystal Dynamics, Tomb Raider: Legend ushered in a new era for the franchise, reimagining Lara as a bona fide action heroine. Lara’s hunt for Excalibur took her globe-trotting to destinations like Tokyo and Bolivia… how well do you remember the adventure? Test your knowledge with this Tomb Raider: Legend-themed crossword puzzle! 

(The solutions are below, but see if you can suss out the answers yourself first.)


2. The model for Tomb Raider: Legend that shares Lara’s birthday

4. First main series Tomb Raider game to release on this console series.

7. What floor number does Lara press in the opening video of the level “Japan”?

8. How many total variations are there of the winter outfit?

10. You must find the gold reward in ______ to unlock the Catsuit outfit.


1. Symbols on the “Goth” outfit are easter eggs, representing _____ and Kain’s respective clans.

3. The fan nickname given to the “Unknown Entity” that possesses Amanda in Peru.

5. The bike that Lara rides in Japan.

6. There are a total of ____ pistol upgrades available in the game.

9. It took ______ months for the composing process being the first game in the series to have a feature-length music score.


Here are the puzzle solutions: